Why – © 1970

A conversation between a girl and a parent, about why God cries.

Why – © 1970

“Why does it rain?” the daughter asked,
obviously in doubt.
“And when it rains”, she asked again
“Why isn’t the Sun out?”

The rain above, the answer came
Are but the tears of God.
Now so far do you understand?
She answers with a nod.
When you are crying you can’t smile
And so it is with Him.
When it is raining, it can’t shine
So the Sun stays within.

“Why does He cry?”, she wanted more
Than stories about the sun.
I troubled her that one like God
Should not always have fun.

God is crying for all the men
Who’ve lost their lives in war.
And God is crying for children
Who have a home no more.
God is crying for the mother
Who’s lost her only child.
And God is crying for the ones
That love the war so wild.

God is crying for people
Who live their lives of sin.
And God is crying for their souls
When they won’t let Him in.
God is crying for all the ones
Who live their lives in doubt.
And God is crying for their plans
That always plan Him out.

But He cries most for those who know
Nothing of why He cries.
He cries for hands held over ears
And hands held over eyes.
He cries for all the others
He can no longer save.
For those who said “Next Time” and now
Lie silent in the grave.

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