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Like all the other pics on, ALL these pics are Free for Personal Use.
These versions and the originals are all copyrighted by me. Enjoy.

More Kansas Snow

Snow is just another excuse to get out in the Toyota FJ. We DID leave the plowed road to test out the capacity of the FJ. With the snow available, we were unable to get it stuck. hehehehe
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Red Buttes of the Gyp Hills

Made it back out to the Medicine Lodge area. The Gyp Hills and their red buttes.
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Fall Colors

Wish I could say it was Boo-tiful, but I just wasn’t finding great fall colors.
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Trees and Windmills

Some seemingly random shots from the Wichita surrounding area.
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Colorado – Day 4

After a relatively easy day, I was ready once more for the trip back to Lake city. We carefully checked our maps (4 maps and 2 guide books) and headed out on Hwy 110 from Silverton to Lake City. That was the last time we knew where we were til we reached Animas Forks.
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Colorado – Day 3

I awoke in Ouray still suffering the effects of the day before. My stomach refused to even consider processing food, and I could barely move without gasping for air. I was seriously wondering if I could continue.
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Colorado – Day 2

Morning found us headed into Creede, and the Bachelor Loop. (a one hour loop through the historic Creede Mining Camps)
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Colorado – Day 1

Our long awaited annual vacation had finally arrived. This time we are taking my brother’s new Toyota FJ Cruiser into the back country of Southern Colorado!
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Medicine Lodge area

On our next trip we headed out to the Medicine Lodge area. My brother just took delivery on his new Toyota FJ Cruiser 4×4 and we wanted a good trip to break it in on. There, we found a peaceful group of Buffalo taking in the afternoon sun.
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