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New Mexico – Day 6 (Final Day)

Taos to home.
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New Mexico – Day 5

Farmington to Taos via Chaco and the Rio Grande River Gorge.
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New Mexico – Chaco Canyon

Chaco Canyon depicts the highest degree of specialization of the Great Pueblo Period. Pueblo Bonito which has over eight hundred rooms. Each of the other sites of Chaco Canyon contain more than one hundred rooms on the ground floor.Continue Reading

New Mexico – Day 4

Grants to Farmington via Chaco Canyon and Shiprock. The Chaco Canyon Pueblos have their own thread.
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New Mexico – Day 3

Silver City to Grants via “The Catwalk”, the mining ghost town of Mongollon, the VLA, and a glimpse of the Malpais Lava Flow.Continue Reading

New Mexico – Day 2

Silver City to Silver City – via the Gila National Wilderness and the Gila Cliff Dwellings (it was only 42 miles from Silver City to the cliff dwellings – but it took ALL day for the round trip)Continue Reading

New Mexico – Gila Cliff Dwellings

These caves have been in use for 4 to 5 THOUSAND years (as determined by carbon dating the soot on the cave ceilings)Continue Reading

New Mexico – Day 1

Socorro to Silver City via Hillsboro and Lake ValleyContinue Reading

New Mexico Wildlife

Here is a sampling of the wildlife we encountered (and got a pic of) during our one week tour of New Mexico.Continue Reading

New Mexico Trip at a Glance

This was my first “photo vacation” in some time, and the first with my new Canon Rebel XT Digital camera. The results were amazing, the trip AND the photos.Continue Reading