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Married 1975 – 1992

Movers and Shakers – John Walker

From time to time I have managed to bump into some “Movers and Shakers”, people who make their make on the world around them. Continue Reading

Tiger Attack! Oregon – 83

While we were living in Northern California we took a short vacation up into Oregon.Continue Reading

Buggy Top – Teen Group

A few years later I was encouraged to help lead a group of teenagers to Buggy Top. They wanted someone who knew the cave, and the trail.Continue Reading

Buggy Top – Family Trip Down the Sink Hole

We liked Buggy Top so much that a family trip was planned. Bring the wife and kids!Continue Reading

Buggy Top – My Brother and I get Shot At

When my little brother moved to Tennessee the two of us would explore all over the place. It was only a matter of time before we got around to checking out Buggy Top.Continue Reading

Buggy Top – My First Trip was Almost my Last

My wife and kids were taking off for a two-week vacation in Michigan with her family. I had to work, so I stayed behind. They left on Friday.Continue Reading

Buggy Top Tennessee

Buggy Top is a Cave located south of Sewanee, TN. It’s about 2 miles OFF the road,Continue Reading

Santa Clara “Dust-Off” – 82

Let me just preface this story with just a touch of background. I seem particularly sensitive to helicopter sounds.Continue Reading

Morgan Hill Earthquake – CA – April 24 1984

Okay, why the SPECIFIC date for this one? It was my wife’s BIRTHDAY! How’s THAT for a birthday present?Continue Reading

My Closest Encounter with a Tornado – Kalamazoo – 80

At the time I worked as a “Machine Rebuilder”. We worked in a very large steel post/sheet metal building where we restored large industrial equipment.Continue Reading