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Weep Not – © 1982

A very short poem about dealing with death.Continue Reading

Unfinished for Ernie – © 1972

A dramatic poem about dying in battle, that came true.Continue Reading

She’s Married Now – © 1973

A free form piece about unrequited love.Continue Reading

Dying – © 1983

A poem about getting the news you are going to die, soon.Continue Reading

One Man Stands – © 1973 (song)

This was my attempt to write a Western Song. Something you might have heard in the Old West.Continue Reading

And Me – © 1970

A poem about dying in combat. Vietnam became a part of my life in 8th Grade. Continue Reading

No Longer – © 1970

A free form piece about injustice and death. Continue Reading

Dying wish – © 1970

A very short poem about assessing the worth of one’s life.
Continue Reading

The Lonely Outpost Scout – © 1971

A lengthy saga telling the Tale of the Lonely Outpost Scout.Continue Reading

Why – © 1970

A conversation between a girl and a parent, about why God cries.Continue Reading