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Your Sole – © 1993

A free form piece showing defiance after having my heart crushed.Continue Reading

Weigh In – © 1990

Yes, this is a poem about a weekly weigh-in while on a diet.Continue Reading

Weep Not – © 1982

A very short poem about dealing with death.Continue Reading

Unfinished for Ernie – © 1972

A dramatic poem about dying in battle, that came true.Continue Reading

Together – © 1972

A piece about loosing a loved one and moving on with Life.Continue Reading

The Road – © 1975

A free form piece about the road of Life.Continue Reading

The kind – © 1971

A short poem about an intense passionate love, and the cost of that passion.Continue Reading

The Battle – © 1970

A free form piece about what happens when two lovers turn on each other.Continue Reading

The Bamboo Cage – © 1982

A poem about how close the war was even 10 years later.Continue Reading

She’s Married Now – © 1973

A free form piece about unrequited love.Continue Reading