Vampire Squad

There was a particularly bloodthirsty and twisted squad known as the Vampire Squad. Among their other sick practices was the initiation of a new squad member. Every member of the squad was required to draw blood from the new member. The tool of choice was teeth, hence the name, Vampire Squad.

Not sure what drew them to me, but they descended on me, en masse, one day as I lay in my bunk. I was dragged to the floor where the entire squad held me down and began biting me. I fought tooth and nail and it took all of them to contain me. I remember calling them a “bunch of faggot maggots”. Somewhere near the end of the ordeal they held my head to the side and one of them put a huge hickey on my neck.

We were at least a week out of port, and NO women aboard that could have made that hickey. I wore it with pride as a testament of my honorary initiation into the Vampire Squad. Despite the numerous bite wounds, it was well worth the pain. No one messed with the Vampire Squad and now I had their protection.

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