Train Stopping Grandma

There is more than one “feisty old girl” in our family history. This was back when Kansas was still “Out West”, and Oklahoma was still “Indian Country”. (I’m not certain which great grandma this was, but I’ll find out)

Grandma tried to talk to the Railroad company. Their trains were just racing across her pastures and she was afraid one of her cows was going to get hit. They told her that’s why they put “Cow Catchers” on the front of the trains. They should have listened.

Soon after that, their train was racing across the prairie when they had to lock up their brakes on Grandma’s property. Grandma had gone out and dug up one of those railroad ties. Then dug a hole right in the middle of the tracks to plant it in, straight up and down! Oh they ranted and raved, but in the end, they slowed down going across her land. That crazy old woman was capable of anything! Hahahaha

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