Together – © 1972

A piece about loosing a loved one and moving on with Life.

Together – © 1972

It was a beautiful thing we had, a shame it could not still be. I loved you then as much as now. And now, at this moment, it all seems a waste. The lonely hours I spent without you, my anxieties at our first and only child. The times I spent wondering if you still loved me. The love I expressed in so many ways. I extended myself above and beyond all set boundaries to give all of myself to you. And we were one.

But now you are gone from me and I am alone. Alone with my memories, my thoughts, my tears, and our son. He is all that is left now that still shows the love we once shared. He still loves you, from what he remembers. He was so young then. It tore his little heart to find that you had left him. But we’ll always keep loving you darling and one day, I know, we will again be as one. The three of us, together.

But for now life must go on and we must continue. For life is not to be lived in the past, but in the present. So I can stay no longer to chat with you. I must go back to the world of reality, the reality of your absence. I hope my words find you, and I still love you.

A light rain begins to fall. He turned and looked upwards towards the thin ray of light that still remained on the horizon, spoke a hushed Good Bye, and set the flowers he held upon the grave in front of him. The tiny droplets of rain disguised the tears flowing down his face. A small hand grasped his and said that they must leave. He looked into the eyes of his son and knew that she was there with them and would always be, forever.

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