Tobacco Sack

Again, not certain of the Grandpa’s name. Probably the husband of the “Train Stopping Grandma”. He was known as “Tobacco Sack” to the Indians, with whom he was friends.

They were the first family in the region to have an Oven with a Glass window in the door. When they got it, all the Indians came over to gaze upon such a wonder. They decided to cook Turtles and threw live turtles into the oven to watch them bake.

This was likely William Haskins or his brother. Both of them fought with the 9th Michigan Infantry during the Civil War. They were both captured in Murfreesboro, TN, during the “Murfreesboro Raid”, by Nathan Bedford Forrest. The brother was badly wounded in the raid and both were discharged for their infirmities before the end of the war. It was the brother that later participated in the Oklahoma Land Rush with 2 of his sons.

Despite having lived in Michigan prior to the war, they both moved to Wichita, KS after the war. There are reports that one or both of them also lived in Southern Kansas, after searching for a homestead from Wichita down into Oklahoma, before coming back to Kansas. The brother and his sons owned land in Oklahoma after the Land Rush, but they reportedly sold out and returned to Kansas. Both brothers eventually moved out near Meade, KS, having farms on opposite sides of the road. At some point in time they returned to Wichita. One of their families still owned 40 acres of Wichita, KS during my Mother’s lifetime. I’ve been shown on a map where it was. It is obvious it was the last piece of land to be developed in the area, being mere blocks from Downtown Wichita and all.

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