The Great Peanut Butter Debate

Okay, it’s not so great – and there is no debate – but there is Peanut Butter! In response to a recent inquiry I present the following very non-scientific double half not blind Peanut Butter Evaluation. While it is true that I have little problem putting away an average of 3-4 pounds a week, mere consumption does not make me an expert. Please do not try this at home.

My personal preference is for Brand “K”. Been eating it for years and years.It doesn’t hurt them that they are the exception rather than the rule in offering peanut butter in “bulk” sizes. But Brand “K” is not available in all areas. So I went down to the local WalMart and selected the “top 5 alternatives”.

After sniffing spooning, tasting, and re-tasting all the contestants I offer them up in order of their textures.

Brand “P” came out s the Winner – based on my personal preferences. This had a nice smell of peanuts with a smooth creamy texture. Had a solid peanut flavor.

Brand “P2” (P squared, or PP if you will) came in a close second. All the traits of Brand “P”, but smoother, creamier, lighter.

Brand “J” takes the opposite approach with a thick almost pasty texture. Creamy is almost lost completely as this peanut butter feels dry..

Brand “G” appears almost the same as Brand “J”, but is able to maintain a creamy texture with the thicker peanut butter.

Brand “S” falls between both extremes. Between thick and smooth. Between Pasty and Creamy. Sadly, it’s also the only other supplier of large peanut butter jars.

Hopefully I will still be able to buy bulk Brand “K” for years to come. For the rest of you though, I can only wish you the best…

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