The Great escape

I ran away from Home when I was 17. I didn’t just sneak out the door, I had a Plan! And it worked far better than I ever anticipated.

For days I had been going through the boxes of family pictures. I removed any recent pictures that included me and burned them all. I didn’t want to leave them any pictures to give the Police.

I had done some research using an Atlas and came up with a fictitious address for a fictitious girlfriend in California. I wrote her a letter telling her to KEEP the baby until I got there and stuffed it in an envelope with the fake address. At the last minute I decided that it would never work and tore the whole thing up into little pieces and threw them in the trash.

I DID slip out the back door in the middle of the night and made my way out of Milwaukee and Wisconsin. I stayed off the main highways to avoid cops, but just inside Illinois a County Sheriff stopped to see what I was doing out on that remote road in the middle of the night.

It’s okay, the Plan covers this. I gave them my well constructed cover story. I was a student at Olivet College in Bourbonnais, IL. As part of a fraternity prank I was driven to Milwaukee in the middle of the night and dropped off with no way home. I complained bitterly about the tests I had to take the next day as I showed them my college ID from Olivet (I went there LAST semester) and they bought the whole story. Enough so that they gave me a ride to the County Line and let me out with their best wishes.

The next ride I caught was with a Tractor Trailer hauling 100lb sacks of potatoes. The reason I know this is because I helped him unload each and every one of those 100lb bags at the terminal. He was too cheap to pay the dock workers and felt I owed him for the ride. I did appreciate the ride.

By dawn I was working my way through Chicago. My little sister was trying to make herself some breakfast back home. She managed to set the kitchen on fire and came running up the stairs to get ME. That is when they discovered I was gone, well after they got done putting out the fire.

Much to my amazement, my mother picked all of those tiny pieces out of the trash and taped them all together to discover my “illegitimate child” in California. She actually made attempts to contact the “imaginary mother”. Lol

It also turned out that I missed ONE photo of me, and it was only one year old. My mother STILL refuses to surrender that picture as it’s the ONLY picture of me remaining (although I DO have a copy of ANOTHER picture she didn’t have access to)

I lived with a friend from college in Michigan until his nosey mother went through my things and discovered my birth certificate (didn’t think I’d leave without it, did you?) and called my parents. I managed to collect my stuff and split before they called back.

I went back to Olivet College and hung out for a while in the dorms. Eventually, I returned home, briefly, before enlisting in the Marine Corps. My parents had NO problem signing the papers for me to enlist when I was still 17 – hahahaha

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