Summer in Kansas

My son just moved to Wichita, so we treated him with a trip out to the Beaumont – Piedmont area (East of Wichita). The last time we were out here, everything was still dead and brown. Well, its all green now!

We started out with the Beaumont Wind Farm, always an interesting sight. We were surprised to find one of the windmills had a shattered blade. Makes ME wonder just what could cause such damage and how they go about repairing something like that.

Of course, we had to show him the roads less travelled.

The ponds and streams.

The vistas.

And even a show down with a road hog, er, cow. This bovine was unwilling to yield the road to our vehicle, defiantly standing his ground in the center of the road. But the spectre of a fat old man with a camera getting out caused him to seek the company of his peers. But at least my son got to see the open range for himself.

I took my first solo ride on my new motorcycle later on and caught some pictures of the fields of flowers around Wichita.

I was taking these pics and keeping this white post out of the shots, until I noticed what was ON the post. It was a marker for the Chisolm Trail, one of the great cattle trails from Texas into Kansas. You can see the post in the last shot.

Pretty fields and pretty flowers.

But they weren’t ALL yellow, some fields were white.

Some of the fields had a beauty all their own.

As did the Ninnescha River.

* Extra Pics *

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