Someone STOLE my Life

In those days I carried pretty much carried everything I owned with me wherever I went. I would sleep under overpasses, hitchhike for days, and go where the wind blew me.

In this case, it blew me right through the Chicago Greyhound Station, on a rare Bus ride. I had no problems with the layover, but my bag didn’t make the change. I arrived in Michigan with NOTHING.

These were the items that I considered valuable enough to me to actually carry them wherever I went. My motorcycle colors, I had worn that vest all over the country and even overseas. I never took the colors off for any other club, never had it taken from me, til then. My chromed M16 Bayonet I was awarded by my last USMC Unit, a symbol of my service to my country, a recognition from my peers. Probably pawned or worse, used in a crime. Years of research notes, countless writings, personal treasures…

Oh yeah, Greyhound paid up. I had to present a “complete inventory” of the contents. They apologized, and then gave me the $264 maximum payment. The treasures of my life = $264.

It caused me to write the following “Words of Wisdom”:

Hold to nothing too dearly, lest should it be lost, you should be lost also.

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