Sister Flash

My sister was still a toddler, in diapers. Now let’s clarify this point. When I say “diapers”, I mean the old school cloth diapers. No no, not the ones that are pre-formed and stitched to be diapers. I mean the big pieces of material you folded into a diaper. Huge diaper safety pins and those ever popular plastic pants that went over the diapers. To prevent leaks, you know. Back then it could be quite the feat to change diapers.

My sister’s favorite game was to wiggle out of the diapers and run naked. She would squeal as she was chased around the house. She would be caught, diapers re-applied, and few minutes later she would race by naked as a Jaybird.

One day my mother came across her diapers lying by the front door, which was open! She quickly scanned the house and rallied everyone to the search. I searched the back of the house, the garage, and the back alley. My brother was running up and down the street calling her name, My sister is nowhere to be found.

She was just a toddler. She couldn’t have gotten THAT far away that quickly. Then someone mentioned the possibility that someone took her. We had to call the Police! My mother turned to go back to the house to call the Police.

And there she was, in all her nakedness! After ditching her diapers, she had climbed up onto the windowsill of the big picture window in the living room. The drapes were closed, so no one saw her from inside. But there she was, banging on the window and laughing, having a good old time!

Somehow my Mother felt it was inappropriate to have naked little girls dancing around the Church Parsonage picture window, especially right there on the main street. Go figure.

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