Shop Class

You get to MAKE things in school? AND take them home? Junior High is SO cool!

It was my first exposure to the world of “craftsmen”. Well, other than sitting in my grandfather’s shop and watching him work. I learned about casting, sheet metal, woodworking, and even making our own tools.

I recall that I cast a pair of masks, the smiling and frowning faces representative of drama. I did it all myself, well except pouring the molten metal. It was a wonderful experience.

I made my father a desk organizer in woodworking. You know, those plastic trays on everyone’s desk these days, for holding papers. MINE was made from old desktops, a good 3/4-inch thick each. My vertical supports were 3/8-inch wooden dowels. It was a “sturdy” desk organizer – lol

I can remember bending and cutting sheet metal, but I don’t think I ever made a project from sheet metal.

Some of the guys made screwdrivers. Taking a piece of steel rod, heating one end and then bashing it into a screwdriver shape. Then you heat the other end and give it some ears, bash it a couple times to flatten it out a bit. Then reheat and CAREFULLY insert into a plastic handle.

I couldn’t wait every day for shop class… Mr. Aebi was my shop teacher.

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