She’s Married Now – © 1973

A free form piece about unrequited love. It is also about being unable or unwilling to face a life without the one you love.

I do not condone suicide, in most cases. I call it, “A permanent solution to a temporary problem”. But for some of us, it’s something we have to struggle with from time to time our life. This is an exploration of those feelings.

She’s Married Now – © 1973

She’s married now. You saw her walk down that aisle and take his hand. You heard her almost whisper the words that would echo in your mind, “I do”. You saw her tears of joy as the realization set in that she was really married. You saw her open your present, laughing.

She’s married now. She didn’t see you as you walked down the aisle to your seat with your head bowed down. She did not hear you whisper the words that would change your life, “Good Bye”. She did not see your tears of sorrow when the realization set in that she was really gone. She didn’t see you slip out the back door as she was opening your present, laughing. Only to stop, with a puzzled look on her face, as she looked at the ring that you hoped would one day unite you.

She didn’t understand, nor would she understand, until the next day. When they would find your body at the bottom of the tall building, which now you stare up at through tear stained eyes.

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