Progress – © 1970

A concept piece about leaving your mark on the World, even if it seems insignificant.!–more–>

Progress – © 1970

An endless silence was upon the barren land. A stillness to the point that not a movement could be seen, a breeze detected, or a shifting of the skies noticed. It was a picture world, perfect unto the smallest detail, yet lifeless. Darkness was upon the land and it caused one to wonder if the sun had ever shone upon this forsaken land.

A light, small and easily missed, began to twinkle in the sky. Glowing and throbbing, it descends into the picture world. Pulsating, it paused, just above the barren land. It seemed for a moment as if it was going to become a part of the picture world. Then, pulsing even harder, it became larger and seemed to have a buzzing sound. Growing, it became the picture world! White and glowing, buzzing like a million swarming bees humming to some long forgotten tune. Then it vanished! Where it had been, stood a flower. Standing straight and tall with green leaves beneath pale blue petals. It seemed to shimmer in the frozen darkness. And beyond was bareness, still, motionless, forever silent. The flower shuddered, cried a thin high wail and died, leaving behind a barren wilderness. Still, silent, endlessly oppressive. Except for a thin green stem lying on the cold ground clinging to fragile pale blue petals.

A light, small and easily missed, began to twinkle in the sky. . . .

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