Old Flame – © 1975

A poem about being haunted by the memories of an old flame.

I was still very much in love with my previous girlfriend when I got married. But the last time I saw her, she tried to run me over with her car. My wife knew I still carried her photo. It kept getting accidentally thrown in the wash, but the picture kept surviving. This was me, asking the memory of her, to let me go.

Old Flame – © 1975

You’ve haunted my dreams.
Several lifetimes, it seems.
Anything would I suffer for you.

Tortures I would abide.
For one hour by your side.
But don’t make my wife suffer too.

I’ve built a new life,
Around someone I love.
A life that is shiny and new.

I’ve taken a wife
That was sent from above.
But you know there is no one like you.

I love her with all
Of the heart in my chest,
The piece that did not leave with you.

Name the poison, I’ll take it,
If you’ll just set me free.
Anything that you name, I will do.

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