New Mexico Wildlife

Here is a sampling of the wildlife we encountered (and got a pic of) during our one week tour of New Mexico.

Let’s start with the insects.. Really, this started as a picture of the cactus plant. I wanted to catch one of the blossom clusters and my brother asked if I noticed the bug on one of the clusters. Wow, what a great shot!

(oh, in case you can’t SEE the bug here is a close-up lol)

From bugs to things that eat bugs.

Or maybe even small creatures like squirrels or wild turkeys.

Or things that eat small critters like the coyote. Pronounced “Coy Oh Tay” – NOT “Kai Oh Tee” (like you hear in the movies)

Where the the Deer and the antelope play

Where seldom is heard a Camel?????? Okay, some people keep all sorts of animals. I know where there’s an Emu farm back in Tennessee. Strangely enough, this guy came up to the fence when we stopped to take a picture of it. We both actually got to pet it, although it did NOT like getting it’s ears scratched. And it wanted to French kiss my brother… hehehehehe

* Extra Pics *

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