New Mexico Trip at a Glance

This was my first “photo vacation” in some time, and the first with my new Canon Rebel XT Digital camera. The results were amazing, the trip AND the photos.

On our way into New Mexico from Texas we encountered a bit of a traffic jam out in the middle of nowhere. When we eventually worked our way to the front of the jam, we discovered the reason for the jam up was THIS.

If you can’t tell, it is a bed for one of those huge mining dump trucks being transported down the freeway. The thing took up two lanes, hence the jam up. Turns out that New Mexico is VERY much a mining state. New Mexico is VERY mineral rich. Once we got to the starting point of our trip (Socorro, NM) we seldom saw an interstate. Paved roads were generally the norm between actual cities, but to get to some of the things we wanted to see we found ourselves on some mighty skinny paved roads and a few roads that have never seen (or even dreamed of) pavement. Some even had signs that advised you to “Travel at your own risk” and “May be Impassible” and the generic “Road not plowed at night or on weekends”

We found that the simple act of eating was even a challenge. We decided to put some balogna and cheese in the cooler after learning how scarce “services” can be. Our first day out we ate in this cafe – established in 1879. It was the ONLY eating establishment in town – and across the street from the last operating Stage coach Line in the country (long since out of business) The second Cafe was in Northern NM, the only place we could find to get breakfast. And it was a darned sight better than the breakfast we got at Geronimo’s Diner in Silver City – UCK! (I managed to drink the milk anyway)

We saw everything from desert to lush mountain meadows.

From flat to incredibly vertical

We saw cliff dwellings built by Indians over 800 years ago, in caves that have soot in the ceiling from 3 to 5 thousand years BC!

We saw Pueblos intricately built from stone, also over 800 years ago. Huge buildings that housed entire cities. Connected by perfectly straight roads, exactly 30 feet wide.

We saw Canyons hundreds of feet deep and yet at some points you can almost touch both walls at the same time.

We even saw into the future, passing by the VLA (Very Large Array). A bank of huge radio telescopes that can be moved on train tracks to make various configurations (that receive various different signal types)

And I can’t forget to mention the Rio Grande River Gorge! Absolutely
awesome! You can’t tell by the pictures that I was terrified, but I WAS! My brother got a good laugh at me over it (but then HE wasn’t the one who fell off the cliff last year)

We also saw a lot of wildlife, but I saved that for it’s OWN thread. In fact, I have many threads to create from this trip. I took an amazing 588 pictures and my brother took 206. So I have lots of pics to share!

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