New Mexico – Day 5

Farmington to Taos via Chaco and the Rio Grande River Gorge.

Okay, we DID see a McDonald’s. We could have had breakfast there, but we can eat McDonalds at home. So, we headed off down the road, confident we would find a local restaurant. After quite a few miles, and some serious discussions with my stomach (it was getting quite upset with me), we looked at each other and asked the same question, “Are you THAT hungry?” We were! And it turned out to be the only breakfast we had in New Mexico WITHOUT runny whites!!!! Woohoo!

My brother pointed out that we were “surrounded by Indians” hahahahaha “There we were, trying to gulp down some breakfast when I noticed a small group of Indians moving up behind my brother. At the same time, he pointed out that there were about 4 Indians behind me. We made sure our guns were handy and quickly finished our meal.”

Lol Right out of a western novel. Truth was, the 4 behind me were sitting in a booth, and the 3 moving up on my brother were headed to the counter to pick up their to-go order. Lol. The only other white guy in the place was the guy behind the counter. Hahahaha oh yeah, and we didn’t have any weapons, we were just playing mind games. We got nothing against any Indians.

We were headed to Chaco, home of a small gauge railroad. The transition from desert to high plains was welcome.

At Chaco we toured the train yard. What I don’t know about trains fills libraries. But it was picturesque. Too bad the clouds were piling up against the mountains.

A front was moving through and the clouds were hanging up on the peaks as they moved NorthEast, providing us with some very interesting “weather shots” from time to time.

Once you crossed the ridge and got to the Eastern side, it was clear.

THEN we got to the Rio Grande River Gorge just outside Taos. Yikes! Let me do this for you. Here is a picture of the nice gently flowing river at the bottom of the gorge, or better yet, here is a series of four shots.

NOW you have SOME idea of how far DOWN it was. You also have NO idea how hard it was to provide that view for you. It was hard enough just moving TO the railing, let alone, leaning OVER the blasted thing to get this shot. I hope you appreciate it.

Anyway, this is the Rio Grande

* Extra Pics *

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