New Mexico – Day 2

Silver City to Silver City – via the Gila National Wilderness and the Gila Cliff Dwellings (it was only 42 miles from Silver City to the cliff dwellings – but it took ALL day for the round trip)

Day two started out a bit better. I was at least willing to entertain the idea of food. We cruised town and took in the historical sights. Wasn’t all that great as a flash flood took most of the town out in 1895. They awoke to find a wall of water 12 feet high and 300 feet wide rolling into town. In the aftermath, only one house survived and right next to that house was a brand new 35ft deep gully that the flood had formed. Subsequent rains eroded it down to bedrock at 55 feet. Being the resourceful people they are, they made the gulley into a park.

We also got to check out a cabin that represented the cabin that Billy the Kid grew up in. Billy was born in New York (New York City???? – taco sauce commercial) and grew up in Silver City. Later, he would move to Lincoln County and the infamous Lincoln County Wars (as portrayed in the “Young Guns” movie)

This cabin was built by Ron Howard,(not personally) for the movie “Missing”, and then donated to Silver City. When we got home we watched “Missing” again, but didn’t see the cabin. hrmmmm. The only time they were in a house was at the beginning, and that was a two story house. wonder what happened to the cabin?

Anyway, having seen all the sights we turned to eating. Not having much to choose from we took a chance on Geronimo’s Cafe. Bad mistake. Apparently, “Geronimo” has NO idea how to cook pancakes! They are NOT supposed to be liquid in the middle! Another thing we learned about New Mexico was NO ONE knows how to cook eggs over medium either! We took to specifying BOTH “over medium” AND “NO runny whites”, but apparently, the concept still escaped them.

Emboldened by the breakfast (I carried a box of pop-tarts in the car) we set off for the Gila. We spent the rest of the morning winding through mountain switchbacks and imagining trying to find and defeat Geronimo in this vast expanse. This was, after all, the stomping grounds of the legendary Geronimo of the Chiricahua Apache tribe.

We finally arrived at the site of the Gila Cliff Dwellings. A story all by itself. See the Gila post for details.

On the way back we took an alternate route that led us back to Hillsboro, and then returned to Silver City for the night.

* Extra Pics *

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