New Mexico – Day 1

Socorro to Silver City via Hillsboro and Lake Valley

Well, sorry to say I was sick as a dog on the first day out. Par for the course – if you know me. I spent most of the day laying back in the seat with my eyes closed hoping I wouldn’t get a close up introduction to the sand that passed as soil next to the highway.

I missed some pretty scenery on the way into Hillsboro.

We pulled into Hillsboro and found the only business in town – a Cafe that started it’s life in 1879 and at some point was a Drug Store.

It was obviously THE place to be in town, because for a while there – every seat in the place was full. Stuff from “the old days” of the building were displayed all over the place. Across the street was the Stage Coach Office – reportedly the last operating stage line in the US.

The stage line ran down to Lake Valley – once a commercial hub in the area and the railroad line for the area. First, Lake Valley seems funny – as they had to pump water in from the lake – 3 miles away.

Once the mine closed in 1883, a fire burned a lot of town in 1885 then an epidemic a few years later pretty much finished the job. The school is used as a museum and a BLM (Bureau of Land Management) agent lives on site to provide security.

On the way back to Hillsboro, we stopped to take a picture of – and then pet the camel.

The rest of the day I spent examining the insides of my eyelashes.

* Extra Pics *

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