Mystery Woman

I was being forced to attend my baby daughter’s first baby shower. I had raised her from kindergarten to this. My baby was having a baby.

I sat in the room filled with women and children. There are my older daughter’s friends, my younger daughter’s friends, family. Most of them I had no idea who they were. Let alone tell which screaming toddler belonged to which female. And why wasn’t she, whomever the mother was, doing something with that child?

I amuse myself by trying to figure out which of my daughters each guest was a friend of. It’s not all that hard, they are 9 years apart. But there was this one woman that I couldn’t place. She seemed older than everyone else, and didn’t seem to really interact much with either group of friends. And then there was that jewelry she was wearing. She must have been wearing 3 or four necklaces, each of them made from a gaudy colored plastic beads.

Finally, I could take it no more. I take my older daughter aside as ask her who the woman is. That one over there with the cheap plastic beads, who is that?

That woman?
THAT woman?
Yeah, who is she?
Um. My mother, your ex-wife.
Huh? Oookay. . .

Seems that they had been playing shower games. (like I was paying attention) The winner of each little game got a necklace of brightly colored cheap plastic beads. Whomever had the most necklaces at the end wins the “grand prize”, whatever that was.

It’s not like I see her on a regular basis, although once a year is not unreasonable. It just didn’t occur to me, sheesh. Later she walked up to me, introduced herself, and offered a handshake. I declined the offer.

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