My Little Brother’s Dramatic Arrival

In order to understand this story you must know something about my Mother. My Mother was born and raised in Wichita, Kansas. Her family has been from Wichita almost as long as there has been a Wichita. She was greatly disappointed when my older brother decided to be born while they were living in Kansas City, KS. Well, at least it was in Kansas.

When I was born a year later we were living in St Joseph, Missouri. That was just not acceptable! When my time came they drove into Kansas City, KS so I could be born in Kansas. When my sister was born 9 years later, we were living in Bradley, Illinois. My Mother was devastated that her daughter would be born outside of Kansas. But that is how it happened.

Now my little brother is about to arrive, and we live in North Manchester, Indiana. It was more than she could bear. It was decided that we would travel back to Illinois so that, at least, he could be born in the same Hospital as his sister. It was only 185 miles.

In the middle of the night we were awakened and told to get dressed and get in the car. My Mother laid across the back seat. Dad, me, and my brother sat across the front seat. It was pitch black outside. Our vision was limited to the glow from the headlights. This wasn’t a scenic cruise, we were flying down those roads! My Mother screams from the back seat. I try to look to see what’s hurting her, but my Dad just turns my head back to the front. “Just keep your eyes up front” I’m getting scaired as my Mother keeps on screaming.

Dawn is breaking. The houses and fields go rushing by. My Mother screams for a while and then quiets down, only to start screaming again. Were in Illinois now, not too much further. We race through town and to the Hospital. Dad pulls up in the emergency bay and runs to get help. People come and get my Mother out of the car. We still aren’t allowed to look. Dad says he will be right back to park the car. Stay here. Then he is gone with the rest of them.

My brother and I are left there in the silence to try to sort out what has happened. It seems like forever before Dad comes back out. When he gets in he says, “You have a new little brother!” It was all over. They barely got her in before she popped. She had been “holding it” for 185 miles after all. Lol

So my little brother and sister were not born in Wichita, or even Kansas. They were born in the same Hospital in Illinois though. You know, I’m not sure my brother has ever been back to that city since.

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