My First Tornado

I recall my older brother (10) and I (9) watching the tornado as it ripped through the Olivet College campus, debating whether it was really a tornado or not. I made the point that I could SEE stuff going by in the funnel. But he countered by telling me that I was REALLY just seeing reflections from TV antennas on people’s roofs, and that it only LOOKED like it was a funnel… kids….lol

About that time my mother came running from the house yelling about a tornado, scooping us both up and dashing into the basement to hide. Where the debate continued…

See? I TOLD you it was a tornado!
THAT wasn’t the tornado
Yes, it WAS!
No, it wasn’t!
. . .
kids can’t help it….

After the “all clear” was sounded my mother took us over to the campus to look at the devastation, which was appreciable. It took the entire 4th floor off the Administration Building (but nothing else). Of course, “Trailer Ville” was destroyed. Everyone knows God hates Mobile Homes. Don’t ask me WHY. I just know storms will go out of their way to smash mobile homes.

THEN came another alarm! Now WE were a part of the action! We were herded into the gymnasium where we huddled against the Western wall, waiting. Turned out to be a false alarm, but we had enough adventure for one day and my mother got us home. Back to OUR world….

That was the first time I saw the weird type of damage a tornado can cause. Stuff stuck in walls and tree trunks, people being carried off and dropped in some field alive, cars being thrown around – it never ceases to amaze me….

See? I TOLD you it WAS a tornado! hehehehe

PS: The lady that got sucked up into the tornado and deposited later only had “minor injuries”. I’m sure they weren’t minor to her, but I recall the pictures in the paper showing the side of her body all bruised up. One of those “Miracles”. . .

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