Ledford Mill

Some winter shots of the Ledford Mill Dam, falls, and our own Ledford Mill Extension.

Ledford Mill is just North of Tullahoma, TN. It was always a favorite spot to grab some lunch at one of the fast food joints on the North end of town and then head out the Ledford Mill to eat and kick back. Strangely enough, you wont see any pictures of the Mill itself, now a B&B, just the area surrounding it.

Just above the mill is the dam, the one that once provided water power to the mill. Now it is a private pond stocked with pet goldfish. It has many faces through the year right now it has a distinct green shade to it.

Just below the mill (and on the other side of the road) is a small waterfall. There are actually 3 falls, two you can see from the road and the other further up the hill.

From this location we have discovered a couple other small roads that link and follow the streams in the area. We call these roads the “Ledford Mill Extension”. You can drive the Ledford Mill road in like 10 minutes and then it’s over. By following our little circuit you can tool down little more than one lane alongside a small babbling stream with trees hanging over the road…ahhhhhh

* Extra Pics *

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