Lady Fair – © 1993

This piece is written in the form of a soliloquy, from a Shakespearean era play.

A street vendor sees the lady fair coming down the street. He waxes to his companion as he watches her pass through the gates of her estate. His companion rolls his eyes, as he has heard this way too many times already.

Lady Fair – © 1993

See her face? Framed by her hair falling past her lovely shoulder.
Ah, to touch that cheek, stroke that hair, with loving arms to hold her.
These are but dreams, fueled by the light she brings to a room.
I touched her hand once, and many times have heard her soft sweet voice.

To feel her heart beat next to mine, to see her gaze with love returning.
Alas, all fantasy, fueled by that glow of warmth around her.
The dream of any man, and true, my heart with passion’s burning!
She knows me not; my Lady Fair, her kin and friends surround her.
For her life’s there, beyond those gates and my life’s here, in the streets.

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