In Silence – © 1993

This poem is about a single mother I knew. I met her in the Support Group I went to after my Divorce. She was not a whiner, she didn’t pity herself. She was determined to make her way in the World, on her terms.

So I painted her as a beautiful flower, strong, proud, bound by Duty. Then I imposed on her my own feelings, my own desires to be free again. If even only for a few minutes.

In Silence – © 1993

In silence and beauty still she stands.
A brilliant blossom dressed in splendor green.
Her petals brushed by the Master’s hands.
Her greatest beauty goes yet unseen.

Her glorious plumage calls to them.
Nibble a leaf, drink of the morning dew.
Sample her nectar. Rest on her stem.
She takes it all still, silent, and true.

Her petals like battle flags unfurled.
Daughter of the Earth, Born to face the Sun.
She proudly takes her place in the world.
And faces each morning, one by one.

Some nights when the moon is big and bold.
Her soul cries out, and in stillness dreams.
To pry her feet from her mother’s hold.
To run and dance among the moon beams.

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