Hans Von Viener

We got a dog in North Manchester, a Dachshund. They were commonly called “wiener dogs” because they look like a big hot dog with legs and a head. Between that, and the dog’s German heritage, he became “Hans Von Viener”.

He lived in a little doghouse just by the back door. In the movie “A Christmas Story” when Ralphie “shoots his eye out”, THAT spot reminds me SO much of our back door. That scene also makes me sad, so cold and Wintery. We had a really big snowstorm that buried his little house under a snow bank. Poor Hans died under that snow.

There used to be a photograph. It was a cold day, but dry. The sun had a real warming effect. I was wearing a heavy jacket, gloves, and a knit cap. I had found a nice spot to lay back in the sun, my back propped up against something,. Hans liked the idea of taking a nap in the warmth of the Sun and curled up on my legs. I pulled the knit cap down over my eyes and we basked in the Sun. I heard a noise and, with one hand, pulled up the corner of the knit cap so I could peek out and see what the noise was. The shutter snapped and that moment was frozen in Time.

That’s how I prefer to remember Hans Von Viener.

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