Grandma Jennie – Wichita, KS

Grandma Jennie was a typical “prairie woman”. Thin, with leathered skin, grey hair, and could cook food like no one else. I swear I can still smell her kitchen. She was a dear sweet loving person that I never heard use a cross word.

This incident happened long after I grew up and moved away. Grandma was well into her 70’s and living in a new house since Grandpa died a few years earlier. My father stopped by her house one day and found her chopping a stump out of the back yard with an axe!

Being a gentleman he told her that was no work for her to be doing and took over chopping. While he was chopping she went into the kitchen and came out with a couple glasses of cold water. Dad stopped to catch his breath and get a drink, and re-evaluate his decision to help. lol Grandma Jennie picked up the axe and picked up where he left off! Dad tried, but he couldn’t keep up with her. He finally had to leave her to her chopping.

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