Death on Christmas Eve

Death on Christmas Eve

My daughter was 25 years old. She had 2 young boys. She was diagnosed with Leukemia when she was 23. She successfully fought it and enjoyed a year of remission. She beat it the second time too. Her final test before she left the Hospital revealed it has already come back though. They told her she might have 3 weeks left.

We checked out of the Hospital and I brought her to the house I had just moved in to. She refused to “take it lying down” and kept very active. There was a steady stream of people coming and going, friends, family, medical people. When we were alone she was constantly active on one project or another. She made things so people would have something to remember her by. She made stuff for her boys to remember her by.

One night I had to “send her to bed” because she had been going all day and she needed her rest. She started to climb into bed, but then stopped and said, “Oh, I need to get a paperclip!”. I stopped her and said, “You don’t need a damn paperclip. Get to bed!” She climbed into bed and got comfortable. She never moved again.

But she hung on for 36 more hours. We finally decided that she was hanging on because her Mother had jokingly asked her to please not die on Christmas. So, early on Dec 24, 2011 we told her it was Christmas, and she left us.

All this time I had been waiting for Death, MY death, not one of my children. I was not prepared for this. Once again, Death passed me by.

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