CowTown AGAIN!

This first shot isn’t really from CowTown. This was from a Mountain Man Rendezvous I checked out at the Indian Center in Wichita.

All the other tents had tables in front of them selling stuff, making it look like a big flea market. So I was glad to see one authentic camp! I provided a close up so you could actually see what he was doing, making musket balls. You can see the bars in the upper right, and small piles of balls around the fire, and his melting lead in the fire.

My son and I also took a short trip over to CowTown. Now I am not going to call him a drinker, but… Okay, those weren’t even our bottles. Notice that this Sarsprilla was bottled FOR CowTown. Them cowboys at the bar seemed to like it. lol

I had not made it out to the DeVore Farm yet, so this trip I did.

Made it out to the barn, and found this big fellow.

While we were out there they drove some stock in. First the horses, and then some cows.

I thought I saw a family resemblance between that big bull and one of the calves. Something to do with the tongue. hahahaha

It was late in the afternoon of a hot day. Most folks had either gone home or chose to stay out of the sun, giving me some great “uncluttered” shots.

There were still a few folks around town.

Including this “singing cowboy” out by the chuck wagon.

On the way out, I thought it made an interesting shot to show how close CowTown is to the current day downtown. AND, because it was hard to notice, a close up of the “trellis”. An inverted railroad track!

* Extra Pics *

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