Colorado – Day 3

I awoke in Ouray still suffering the effects of the day before. My stomach refused to even consider processing food, and I could barely move without gasping for air. I was seriously wondering if I could continue.

Oh, this was the view from our motel room door.

I was NOT up for another road like the one we took INTO Ouray, sheer drops, skinny one lane “road”, countless switchbacks. My guts were in too bad of shape. So, we took “an easy day”. We headed North to Ridgway, and then to Owl Creek Pass.

You MIGHT recognize the mountain in that last pic, it’s called Chimney Rock. Of course, you might not recognize it because of it’s name, but rather, from having seen it before, in a movie.

Yes, THIS is the location for the big shootout in True Grit. With Chimney Rock as a backdrop, Robert Duvall yelled those famous words. “That’s pretty bold talk for a one-eyed fat man!” and John Wayne replied “Fill your hands!” I know this is the location, because a local brochure told us exactly how to find it. That’s WHY we came to Owl Creek Pass.

But I had reached my limit, I was so hungry I was sick, but so sick I couldn’t eat. I was ready to throw in the towel. I had downed a bottle of Pepto Bismol and was eating Tums like they were candy, all with no effect. In desperation, my brother suggested giving Zantac a try. So I did, and THAT saved our vacation! I won’t be caught without it again!

We headed back down to Ouray and the Camp Bird road.

I hope you noticed the “ladders” in that last pic. You can see the mine at the bottom of the close up, and what’s left of the ladders. It left me in awe of those miners, and the lengths they would go to searching for precious metals.

I got better pics of the roads this time.

Notice how a notch was cut through the side of the mountains for the road to pass through? Or the sheer drop off on this corner? The last shot is from Ophir Pass, looking into the storm shrouded range to the West. Did I mention that it was blowing a strong 33 degree wind through that pass? Brrrr…

More beautiful views.

You probably DIDN’T notice the “wildlife” in that last shot. I wasn’t sure what it was, and I think he felt the same way about me. We talked for a bit, while I took his picture, and then I left him in peace. (but he was gone when I came back by that spot). After doing a little research after coming home, I believe it is a Mormot.

Here is another mine, the orange color is provided by the minerals in the water flowing from the mouth of the mine.

Finally, a shot of Clear Lake at 12,000 ft. It was pretty, but it too was barely above freezing, not a good place for a picnic. hehehehe

We ended up in Silverton.

Sorry – No * Extra Pics *

Updated – I added a couple more pics of that “notch” cut in the mountain for the road.

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