Colorado – Day 2

Morning found us headed into Creede, and the Bachelor Loop. (a one hour loop through the historic Creede Mining Camps)

The Creede area is pretty much straight up and down. The early morning light provided few opportunities for photographs, as we were in the bottom of the cut.

Interestingly enough, at the far end of the loop is a designated 4×4 road heading even further up into the mountains. Sitting in a brand new 4×4, it was an open invitation to us. The road led up out of the bottoms and onto the “top”, and the views were excellent!

In that last picture, I wanted to point out that many of the mountains seemed to be giant piles of loose rocks. Rather than breaking up into giant size boulders, they seemed to just break up into millions of “small” rocks. Interesting

Did I mention we still found plenty of streams we had to drive through?

We finally returned to Creede in time for some lunch, and then down the road to Lake City.

Once in Lake City, we decided to make the jump to Ouray. The sign said it was a mere 28 miles away and it was early afternoon, no problem. And the views were nothing short of spectacular!

The area was thick with old mining sites, and even the occasional surviving building of an era gone by.

OH, in case you didn’t noticethat last cabin had a “resident”.

Surprisingly enough, “he” didn’t seem the least concerned by our presence and finally returned to gnawing on that branch in front of him. Well, 5 hours had gone by and the sun was beginning to drop into the
West. and Ouray was still nowhere in sight. We were averaging under 6 mph on this road to Ouray, and the road was getting substantially worse and increasingly rocky.

As we were forced to turn on the headlights in the growing darkness, the shadows made by the headlights didn’t make the road look any more appealing. We were not at all excited about the possibility of driving this road in complete darkness. Then, up ahead, we saw headlights – coming OUR way! We found a wide spot in the road and let the jeep pass us by, and then wondered what would bring a person to head INTO the mountains after dark. Ouray was just down the road, and we were mighty glad to see it.

* Extra Pics *

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