Colorado – Day 1

Our long awaited annual vacation had finally arrived. This time we are taking my brother’s new Toyota FJ Cruiser into the back country of Southern Colorado!

Our first stop along the way was at the Great Sand Dunes National Monument. I expected to see sand dunes, but I was not prepared to see sand mountains!

Whether seen from a distance or up close, it was truly amazing to see that much sand! And bear in mind, we can just see the outside edge of the dunes. The dunes cover about 30 square miles, but there are another 180 square miles of sand on the other side of the dunes, and another 120 square miles of sand in the third area of the dunes. THAT is a LOT of sand!!!

The ROAD is little more than faint tracks in the sand, and some places can be a bit snug, and then out of nowhere pops a stream! A stream in a sand field, how interesting.

Eventually, the road leaves the sand behind and ventures into the surrounding mountains. And more streams, lots of streams.

But these were not the mountains we were headed for, so we got back on the road an headed into South Fork, CO our first overnight stop in Colorado. Ah yes, it was beginning to really feel like we had arrived, despite the late afternoon showers. Notice the ROWS of snow fences. We were in Snow Country here.

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