Coffee and Franklin Counties, TN

Water. Cool, Deep, Water. This particular body of water is the Normandy Reservoir, a few miles North of Tullahoma, TN. (and just East of the tiny town of Normandy)

Water big enough to have waves.

Roads that aren’t straight, disappearing into the trees.

And old buildings amongst the overgrowth.

And then there’s this, a Natural Stone Arch, located just south of Monteagle,TN. Now the thing to take note of here, is that this in NOT a sandstone arch, but very solid rock.

And lest you think this is a small arch, take note of my daughter on the other side of this arch. (the small pink spot on the other side of the arch) Then take another look at how far down the ground is! I know I noticed, and you won’t catch me crossing that arch any time soon! hehehehe

Next we get a glimpse of one of the FEW unpaved roads in Middle Tennessee. And a house that appears to have been there LONG before the road.

Traveling down to Sherwood, TN we get a look at what appears to have been a very old grain elevator operation. With it’s unique styling and vine covered exterior it resembles an ancient castle, long in ruins.

* Extra Pics *

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