Buggy Top Tennessee

Buggy Top is a Cave located south of Sewanee, TN. It’s about 2 miles OFF the road, which is already almost as far out in the boonies as you can get. Then at the end of that 2 mile hike, it’s a 140 feet down the face of a cliff to the cave. Directly over the cave, the rocks stretch far out over the cliffs below. I always thought that if you could actually step off the edge, that would be an awesome rappelling spot. No touching for 140 feet! lol

A stream flows out from the mouth of the cave and runs the length of the cave. A second entrance can be found past the cliffs on top, a large sinkhole that breaks into the roof of the cave further back.

It is that section of the cave that is my favorite. Here, the sinkhole provides a faint light running down one side of a valley inside the cave. At the base of this valley, the stream gently meandering across the rocks generating a soothing gurgling sound. On the far side, the valley rises again. Just short of the ceiling is a large flat rock, once part of the ceiling. It is not tall enough to stand there, but you can sit comfortably on the edge of that rock with your legs dangling.

It is a perfect spot to break for lunch. Turn off your lights. Sit in the darkness and silence. As your eyes adapt to the faint light coming from the sinkhole you can SEE the whole valley beneath you. You can SEE the stream wandering through the grey landscape below. You can even HEAR the gurgling water, all the way up here!

I always feel like I am sitting on a hilltop of a subterranean world. Like I am actually living out “Journey to the Center of the Earth”. It is a truly magical spot.

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