Buggy Top – Teen Group

A few years later I was encouraged to help lead a group of teenagers to Buggy Top. They wanted someone who knew the cave, and the trail. I agreed and took along my big kids again, now teenagers themselves.

For this trip I purchased a pair of “headlight glasses”, a small flashlight at each temple, for hands free operation. I also carried a 6-volt battery lantern, and a small flashlight in my pocket.

Even the rain couldn’t stop this trip, and it WAS raining. The group voted to go ahead. Who’s afraid of a little rain? Makes it an adventure! So, about 12 dripping hikers made the trip back to Buggy Top. I was already wondering whether we could make it down the cliff face or not, with the volume of water falling. But just as we got to the asphalt road the rain stopped.

The kids scramble down the cliff face all too quickly for my nerves and quickly begin to play in the stream. Those who had brought dry clothes decided that now was a good time to switch, so they did. Then they began to explore,

I didn’t follow them down the “worm hole”, I knew they’d be back. Most of the kids stayed along the stream, but one kid was hiking all by himself off to the left, high up near the roof. I hadn’t hiked over there, as it was all loose rock. I didn’t feel safe having that kid over there, so I went after him. I caught up to him in the back corner of the cave and convinced him to turn around.

As I turned to follow him, the huge rock I was standing on suddenly broke loose! It didn’t tumble, but was sliding down the slope with me on top like I was surfing on the rock! In the pitch blackness of the cave!

It was all I could do to keep my feet as the rock shook and bounced. I could see rocks flashing past through the lights from my glasses. I sprang for the next big rock I saw, and held on for dear life when I landed.

The rock continued onward. I could hear it tumbling now, crushing rocks as it went, headed for the stream below. Then a huge impact, followed by silence. A few pebbles trickle by. Then the shouting starts, “Everyone Okay?”

The rock I had landed on was solid and I worked my way back down the direction I had come from. It was another miracle that no one got hurt, especially ME!

The group was unfazed and continued onward. I took up the rear. I thought for sure when they got to the end of the cave, where the water for the stream springs forth from the rocks that they would stop. Silly me.

Of course they would want to see how far into those cracks they could get. And before you could say, “Shouldn’t we think about this?” they were gone into the cracks. And my son went with them. Did I mention I have an aversion to tight-fitting closed-in places?

A few minutes goes by and I can hear my son’s voice, “My flashlight went out and I have no idea where I am” OMG Panic. I Can’t crawl into that crack! I CAN’T leave my son there! My brother springs to the rescue and heads off through a hole near the ceiling, high above where my sons voice is coming from. I still haven’t resolved the conflict between saving my son and crawling into that crack. Finally I hear my son’s voice coming from the hole my brother went into. Saved from that decision.

I had enough and I announced I was heading out. They got a lot more playing and fun on the way out, only to find the rain had started again while we were in the cave. We climbed up the cliff face in the rain.

It was definitely an adventure. Everyone had fun, and no one got hurt. A positive in my book.

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