Buggy Top – My Brother and I get Shot At

When my little brother moved to Tennessee the two of us would explore all over the place. It was only a matter of time before we got around to checking out Buggy Top.

We each had a backpack with food and drinks, and flashlights with extra batteries. We had a great time exploring the cave system. There was a “worm hole” I didn’t like. It was just a vaguely roundish water passage in the rock, now dry. It felt like I was in a massive “worm hole”. The part I didn’t like was when I tried to turn around and my backpack would not let me. The passage was too narrow for me to turn around in, and I did not like that one little bit.

We discovered the “lunch rock” on that trip. There really is a fascinating variety of “landscape” in that cave. In one area the walls of the rock drop sharply to the water. You have to climb way up on the rock to get past that point. But if while you are scrambling, you happen to shine your flashlight towards the water, something interesting happens. The light from your flashlight causes the sheer walls to reflect off the water, making them look like sheer walls UNDER the crystal clear water. It makes it look like a DEEP underwater lake. Its probably only a few inches deep really.

We scout out the location of the sinkhole to be able to locate it from above, then made our departure. A good trip is had by all, and no one was in any danger. Our trip out was nearly as fun as the trip in, this time.

As we got near the end of the trail a shot rang out and we could hear pellets ripping through the leaves! We both hit the ground at the same time. A second shot rings out, more pellets rip through the leaves. I look over at my brother as I’m pulling my knife from its sheath. His knife is already out. He says, “I’ll go right” and I say, “I got the left”. We began crawling towards the sounds of the shots.

A couple more shots were fired as we worked our way to flank the shooter, and then they stopped. So did we. Had we been spotted? We hear the slam of a car door and a vehicle leaving. No one else seemed to be moving. So we worked our way to the edge of the parking lot to find only our car there.

In the garbage can at the parking lot was the box and wrapping from a brand new shotgun, and a couple spent shotgun shells. Apparently, someone was just trying out their new shotgun. Unaware that we were just down the trail.

Or it was them Sherwood boys, coming to send me a warning about coming back down near Sherwood! Hehehehe

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