Buggy Top – Family Trip Down the Sink Hole

We liked Buggy Top so much that a family trip was planned. Bring the wife and kids! We decided to enter through the sinkhole rather than try to get the kids down that 140 foot cliff face. Only going to take the big kids. They were still in grade school then I believe.

The hike is was fun and everyone was adequately impressed with the 140 foot drop-off. But we continued on in the supposed direction of the sinkhole, and quickly found it.

The mouth of the sinkhole was quite large, and deep. The ground just fell away to a black hole in the middle. From below, the sinkhole provides a faint light. But from above, the cave entrance just looked like a gaping hole into darkness.

We all quickly began scrambling down the sides of the sinkhole. Well, except for my wife. The great outdoors has been cruel to my wife from time to time. She has a hard time balancing without pavement, if you know what I mean. This had all the earmarks of a disaster to her and she almost had an anxiety attack as we got closer to the cave entrance.

We discovered that where the sinkhole and the cave intersect, it got a bit steep for a while. Our solution was for my brother to go first and get below me. I would lower one kid as far as I could from my spot above. When I got as far as I could, I would let go! The kid would slide 4 or 5 feet to my waiting brothers arms. It was like a big dirt slide! Oh yeah, my wife was thrilled about that. But she was having her own nightmares. Didn’t want to drop down. Didn’t want to climb out.

My brother and I both waited for her below. She finally let herself go. That made it official. We were going OUT up the cliffs.

We didn’t push back into the cave with the kids, but did share the wonders of the underground valley. We followed the stream to the lower cave entrance. Coming up the cliffs my brother and I each took one kid. They climbed right in front of us, within arms reach. But there was no one to hold my poor wife’s hand.

That was all of Buggy Top she ever wanted to see.

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