brings MAY Flowers…

I was taking a nice leisurely cruise through the neighborhood on my bicycle, “Moebile Too”. I like to ride on the sidewalks because I can go a lot slower, not worry about hot shots doing 50 down the side streets, and enjoy the character of the individual houses.

Suddenly I was struck by the absolute beauty of a single flower growing in the fence along the sidewalk. The sun highlighted it perfectly, it was stunning! I turned around, went home, and got my camera. And I began taking pictures of the flowers I saw.

Unfortunately, THAT particular flower remains a memory because my camera refused to take a picture of it. I took the portraits of nearly a hundred OTHER flowers, but it adamantly refused to take a picture of THAT flower. I tried over and over, but it refused! The downside to a digital camera, I guess. But I have that picture in MY non-digital memory! I just can’t share it.

But I can share THESE!

There are a few more in the gallery, but most of the pics are in the CLOSE-UP post…

* Extra Pics *

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