Billy Graham vs. Greed

My brother and I briefly had a lawn mowing venture. We went around the neighborhood asking people if we could mow their lawn. We didn’t even have equipment! We found this one lady a couple blocks away that had a lawnmower, but no one to use it. We quickly agreed to a fee of $5 and the two of us took turns mowing. Soon we were headed home with our cash in our hands.

A couple weeks later I am wanting some more money, but my brother has other things to do. I head back over to that ladies house and mow her lawn by myself. Ha! Now that $5 was all mine!

My brother calls, ‘Foul!” and my Mother agrees with him. It was started as a joint venture, and as such, my brother was entitled to half. “But he didn’t do any of the work!” I actually had a point there, and my Mother agreed. Being directly descended from Solomon she decides that I am not entitled to half the money, but that I was not obligated to give it to him because he did nothing to earn it. So I must decide what I am going to do with the other half of the money.

I feel that the plan was for me to decide, on my own, to give the money to my brother. Well that just wasn’t happening! The money was mine! I had earned it! That lawn didn’t mow itself! Well, if I couldn’t have it, neither could he!

It just so happened that Billy Graham was on Television that week, one of his Crusades. It was like a sign from Heaven! I quickly donated the money to Billy Graham. Well, quickly might be an exaggeration. Had to write the letter, attach the money to it, put it in an envelope, address the envelope, get a stamp, mail the thing.

The lawn mowing venture was dissolved to prevent any future misunderstandings. Every man for himself! My brother may have gotten me in trouble, but he didn’t profit from it!

Then I got a letter from the Billy Graham Crusades. Thank you very much for your contribution, and here’s an envelope for your next donation. I didn’t need them any more. I certainly wasn’t giving them any of my money. I threw it away. A while later I got another letter, haven’t heard from you in a while. I threw that one away too. And the next one, and every one that came for YEARS! I’m sure they spent far more than that paltry $2.50 I donated trying for additional contributions.

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