Wichita Trees

Lack of transportation can really put a crimp in your photography plans… Here we visit Calvin’s Hamburger Heaven before starting on our walk through some Wichita Neighborhoods.

Warning! This post contains pictures of Naked Trees! So, if pictures of that nature upset you, then you should probably avoid this post.

First things first. Calvin’s Hamburger Heaven. Not your standard fast food, more like what fast food was when the term “fast food” was invented. They have two whole tables, 2 chairs each, and then there’s Calvin behind the counter cooking your food. You know, it’s kinda nice to NOT have to deal with some teenager, and knowing that the person making your food gives a crap. Good food.

I was taking notice of the view out his window the last time I was there and thought, hmmmm – wonder if that would make a good picture? So you tell me, it’s not your great outdoors, but it does have a bit of self identity. I left more pics in the gallery in case you are intrigued. And a gratuitous pic of the outside of Calvins, so you can recognize it if you see it. UPDATE: Calvin’s is gone now, like the era that spawned it.

After leaving Calvin’s I took a stroll around the neighborhood – desperate for something to take a picture of (shutter withdrawl) and I was struck by the trees. The light seemed perfect for them and I’ve always thought that Wichita has some interesting trees, so I decided on Trees as the focus of my walk (because there was little else worth photographing).

Oh come on, don’t tell me you have NEVER looked at pictures of naked trees. Don’t be such a prude! They are beautiful! It’s the only time of the year when you can see the structure of the tree, often lost under the green carpet of leaves.

So – be warned – naked trees ahead – look or don’t look – it’s up to you

* Extra Pics *

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