Wichita Kansas

Thought I would show you some of the sights around Wichita, along with a little history here and there. This doesn’t come close to properly representing Wichita, but it’s a start.

My last two trips have gotten cancelled. The one to Colorado was cancelled because the whole of Western Kansas was closed due to snow. So, I decided today to take some pics of Wichita. I prefer Nature photography, but I decided to share a little of Present Day Wichita.

Let’s start here, about a block from my Grandfather’s old house. Douglas Street near Meridian. Douglas Street used to be the main East West Road through town. It still is, if you don’t count the multi-lane freeway a couple blocks south. Douglas retains it’s personality with it’s private houses and tree lined sidewalks.

A little further East on Douglass and you reach the Delano District. Still looking like it did when I was a kid. Like most Western towns, there was a “good” side of town and a “bad” side of town. The “good” part of Wichita was on the East side of the river. Delano was on the West side of the river. Towns tried real hard to keep the “riff-raff” away from the god fearing “respectable” people. My relatives ALL chose the WEST side of the river to live on. One of them actually owned 40 acres bordering the river (wish he had kept it and willed it to ME! hahahaha)

Downtown Wichita along Douglas is lined with statues. Some of them jump out at you, and others are easily missed. Here’s a shot of Douglas downtown, one of the statues, and the building she is pointing at.

This girl appears to be waiting for someone with her pony and dog while across the street some foxes are raiding the hen house. One of the foxes got lucky, but the other one is still looking longingly at the hens taking refuge on top of the hen house.

Further down the street is a small ‘park’ where a street musician plays for his mesmerized audience. You can see a small girl playing with a balloon in the background. During the summer, a small fountain completes the picture. This boy and girl are not in the square, but are also playing with water,in the summer. Did I mention it was 22 degrees outside? The water appears to come from the top cup, into the bottom cup, and out onto her hands before sinking into the sidewalk…

Also in that square, are two boys playing with their scooters. Off to the side is a Cafe counter, in intricate detail and in full operation. I’ll take a hamburger, some fries, and a malted please. Thank You. Watch out you don’t step on the baby Duck!

Further down the street is a boy running his pedal car through some water. (in the summer there is water) I almost missed noticing his turtle, safely tucked away in a corner so he won’t get run over. And there is another girl, playing hop scotch with her faithful cat watching her technique.

But it’s not just children. This business man has decided to slip off his shoes and enjoy the cooling water (in the summer) running over his feet. And yes, there are cows on the street as well. The calf is checking out some terrified ducklings (and momma is across the street!)

Or how about this absolutely adorable puppy? Or this bunny rabbit seemingly waiting for the “WALK” sign to change.

This little squirrel almost avoided my detection, checking out a garbage can for some snacks And this prairie dog is not going to be digging any holes in this sidewalk.

This is Grand Central Station, the old train station. Passenger trains no longer stop in Wichita. I recall as a child going through this station at least once. Now it is home to Cox Communications (my cable provider) and presumably the work place of a special lady, who’s name I do not recall. But she hooked me up with my cable and then remembered me months later when I called back. But I want to mention her so she will feel special, like she made me feel with her caring service.

Just one shot of “Old Town”. It’s not REALLY the “old town”. It is the old industrial section near downtown, warehouses and factories. Someone had the bright idea of renovating these buildings and making the area into a “commercial zone”. Now luxury apartments, clubs, stores, museums, and who knows what else are located in “Old Town”. They even have a theater with TABLES, where you order your food and eat at your table while watching the movie! (Unfortunately, they begin collecting all the stuff from the tables in the last 10 minutes of the movie – so I hope you don’t miss the climax!)

Next, I thought I would show you some grain elevators (where they store grain – LOTS of grain) These (and others) are all on the North Side of Wichita. I didn’t have to leave town to see grain elevators. This first one looks like an aircraft carrier at night, with all the lights up top. You should be able to get a good idea of the size. At the right end of this elevator, at the bottom, you can just make out an orange locomotive next to the elevator. Oh yeah, that is my trusty wheels “Moebile One” next to that drag bucket. I suppose I COULD have parked IN the bucket, but I didn’t think the owners would appreciate it much.

A variation on the traditional elevator is shown here, the large metal silos at the back of this elevator. Not sure what the benefits are, but you generally see these as expansions to existing elevators. And one more large elevator complex all pretty and white in the sunlight. Those two ‘towers’ you see are actually the ends of two more rows of concrete silos – just like the one we see the side of in the pic. I said it was a LOT of grain.

Here I cheated. I figured that taking a picture of the sign would save me a lot of typing in this article. Yes, it’s the famous Chisolm Trail passing through Wichita. Wow, an average of 200,000 cows a year passed through this spot! And that’s no bull!

And, just because I was out shooting pictures, I was rewarded with this brilliant display of a red sunset. I took this picture from the park across the street from my brother’s house. Nice view, huh?

* Extra Pics *

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