Try / Nothing There – © 1972

A poem advocating persistence in Life. The only true failure in Life is quitting. When you just quit trying, there is no Hope. Where there is no Hope, there is “Nothing There”. A bleak void of a future.

Try / Nothing There – © 1972

Try to gain a pass of entrance
To an ancient age.
Try to learn the wisdom
Of a wise, but wordless sage.
Try to build sweet fairy castles
When you can’t find sleep.
Try to find the love anew
In love that would not keep.

We try, and fail, then try again
The answer’s never clear.
But try we must, for if we don’t
Our fate is ever near.
Return. To the place called “Nothing There”.

I tried to hear the angels singing songs
From up on high.
I tried to catch the joy of Wind
As through the trees he’d fly.
I tried to find the happiness
That once had filled my heart.
I tried to find the love we shared
That failed right from the start.

We try, and fail, then try again
And thus we claim we’re Men.
Men try and try as hard they can.
They know that only when
You fail, you return, to “Nothing There”.

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