Track Team

I ran track in 6th grade, not well. I just wasn’t big enough to keep up. I remember I was part of a 440 relay, four runners, and I was the starting runner. The gun goes off and I am running! I’m not in front, but then, I’m not the BACK either!

I come running around the curve to the hand-off area. But the person I was supposed to hand off to wasn’t there! So I kept running. Now I am trying my hardest to stay ahead of the LAST runner. But that runner is fresh and it’s all I can do to just stay even. Here comes the second hand-off, just gotta hold on for a few more seconds.

The hand-off is no where to be found! So I did the only thing I could do, keep running. I didn’t even slow down this time so I made up some distance on that last runner. Of course, his replacement was soon passing me by leaving me to wonder if there was any point going on.

The race was almost over by the time I got to the final hand-off spot and I REALLY wanted to quit. But by then people were encouraging me to keep going (and I was planning some horrible torture for my missing teammates) I have NO idea who won that race, but I remember that I FINISHED it! And I remember that there were strangers waiting at the finish line for me to make it!

I don’t recall what the excuse was for leaving me dangling out there, and to be quite honest, I didn’t care. I ran the entire relay by myself and didn’t fall into last place until after the halfway point. I gave it everything I had and I was pretty pleased with the result. You don’t have to win to be proud of your performance.

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