Third Grade

After having burned through 3 grades in 2 years, it seemed like I came up for air in the 3rd grade and discovered there was more to school than studying. I have quite a few memories from 3rd grade.

For instance, we had a kid at my school who had polio. You never hear about it any more. I have a vivid recollection of him running the bases on the baseball field, his arm-brace crutches just flying in the wind. His legs didn’t work much, but he could run like the wind on those crutches.

One day we took a field trip down to the Post Office and everyone got to send a post card to their parents. Don’t forget to put that 3 cent stamp on there now!

I remember there being a little stream on the way to the school – and I remember watching and catching the tadpoles that lived there.

We were quite poor and sometimes my mother would not have sacks for us to carry our lunches in so my older brother and I would carry our sandwiches, neatly wrapped and folded in wax paper, and whatever else we had in our hands. There was a little mom and pop grocery store on the way to school – pretty much like every other house on the street – but it was as store. We would stop in there and politely ask for a paper sack to carry our lunches in.

I remember I got a mild case of frostbite one time, carrying something home from school. No gloves, coat unfastened. My mother called the school to yell at the teacher for letting me leave the school like that. But the Teacher said that I refused. I didn’t want to risk dropping it by using my mittens, and I was apparently trying to shelter IT by wrapping my coat around it as much as I could. It was important to me, whatever it was.

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