Things I ‘learned” Today

So I am finally scanning in the box of photographs my Dad left behind. It’s better I do it while I can at least recognize some of the people and situations. I can still pick my Dad out of a crowd, but there are so many people I never knew. It still feels good to digitally preserve my Dad’s photos. Long after the memories are gone, the pictures will still remain to remind us of what it used to be like, even if we don’t know WHO.

I’ve only scratched the surface with just over 300 photos so far. But I am learning some things as I go. Let me share a few of them with you.

I learned my grandmother was Very Proud when my Dad was born.

I learned what he looked like when he was just 7 years old

I also learned he was doing the “Captain Morgan” long before it became popular – both in and out of uniform.

I learned what my parents looked like on their Wedding Day

I discovered the card the Legislature of Indiana presented to him when he opened their session for the year with a Prayer

I learned what my Dad’s Mother looked like, and also discovered the evidence to prove that I HAD, in fact, met her. She died when I was very small and I don’t remember her. That’s my Parents in the middle there, with Dad’s Parent’s on the outside. That’s a couple of my older cousins on their laps. In the other pic, that’s NOT me tooting the horn – that’s my older brother showing an early interest in band.

Whaaaat????? Nobody said we were going to go THERE!!!! Those that know me at all don’t have to guess which one is ME!

Okay, for those chronically afflicted with large noses and small inhibitions. This is MY First Christmas – way back in the Dawn of Dinosaurs! The second pic shows how “buff” I was in ’55. hahahaha

One last thing I learned. I learned my Dad had some really old photos. Two of them I found very interesting. The first is an old portrait, quite thick, and printed on both sides.

The other is a “photo” of my Dad while he was in the service. The unique thing about this pic is that is appears to be mounted and sealed in a metal case. Gonna have some fun looking that up!

Still a LOT of photos to go! So much of his life documented by the photos of him, and so much more documented by the things he took pictures of.

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